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Congratulations from Ivan Rodriguez Gelfenstein to Sonny Leon

Congratulations from ivan rodriguez gelfenstein to sonny leon for his victory in the 2022 kentucky derby

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

Big surprises in recent years, Rich Strike, along with his Venezuelan jockey son León, won the 148th edition of the Kentucky Derby, where it was the last of the bets.

Leon and horse trainer Eric Reed participated for the first time in this iconic race in Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky.

"I'm so happy, you don't know how excited I am," "It was my first Kentucky derby and we made it. It was a dream come true," Leon said.

Horse racing fans remain incredulous after what happened in the Kentucky derby, the Venezuelan jockey sonny leon is already considered the biggest surprise in the history of this mythical race.

"I watch the race and I still can't believe how Leon dominated the peloton, passing one after another to win," Ivan said. one. gelfenstein

Sonny Leon was a rookie in this test, which caused skepticism. even more so when Rich Strike was bought for just $7,500 this year when he was still a colt just seven months ago, he asked for $30,000 to get in shape and compete. but both went down in history.

"The quality of a jockey like Leon and horses like Rich Strike is what represents me as an enthusiastic Venezuelan in this great world of horse racing," Gelfenstein said.

Rich Strike's triumph was the biggest change since 1913, when Donerail, 91-1, won that race, the first of three that make up the so-called Triple Crown of American horse racing. dorail had a single payment above R$ 184.90. Rich Strike earned $1.86 million for his win.

Among the "victims" of this historic victory is Mattress Mack, a well-known Texas businessman who bet 1.5 million on Epicenter... and lost.

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