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Emisael Jaramillo is ready to make a comeback at Gulfstream Park

Emisael Jaramillo Prepares to Reappear at Gulfstream Park After Serious Accident

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

This Friday, the famous and award-winning Venezuelan pilot Emisael Jaramillo suffered a serious accident during a race held at the famous Gulfstream Park circuit in the city of Florida, United States, said accident sent the Venezuelan to intensive care.

Jockey Emisael Jaramillo allegedly fractured four ribs, one of which punctured his lung, which filled with blood. In addition to the aforementioned injuries, Jaramillo also suffered blows to his kidneys and fractured his jaw.

After several weeks of rest and a brief trip to Venezuela, he returned to the United States to begin work on the Hallandale Beach oval to prepare everything for his reappearance next Friday, September 2.

According to information published by the portal Líder em Esportes, Emisael Jaramillo went out to look for the advantage with Ripley, but unfortunately he had problems in the left stirrup, so a few meters into the race he lost his balance and suffered the unfortunate fall.

The champion's respawn will be with a new agent and four mounts, his fights start in the first competition with solair's copy, then he returns to action with Downburst in the third, leading Russia in the fifth and concluding his mounts with Brody's Honor in the seventh of the program.

Jaramillo currently has 1,418 wins since arriving in the U.S., 1,124 seconds and 842 third places, generating up to $43,311,409 in production.

Until the day of the accident, the Venezuelan remained in second place in the Statistics of Gulfstream Park, under the leadership of Puerto Rican Miguel Angel Vasquez.

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