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How the weather can affect thoroughbreds

How The Weather Can Affect Thoroughbreds

Although we know that thoroughbred horses are strong, graceful and thin animals, hot days can affect their performance.

While the horse's body's natural processes, such as sweating, attempt to cool it down in sweltering conditions, the heat sometimes overwhelms it.

Running a horse in very hot conditions can cause it to lose up to 4 gallons per hour of fluids through sweat. If they exceed a body temperature between 102 and 105 degrees, problems can arise. They may be suffering from a dangerous illness such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Some of the behavioral signs that a horse is overworked by high temperatures are gasps, muscle spasms, inflamed mucous membranes, tripping, or total collapse.

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

To keep horses at a tolerable temperature, trainers take extra precautions on hot days. By providing a continuous, clean and accessible water source and adding electrolytes to the water, horses can recover. Maintaining vigorous exercise during the hottest hours of the day also helps.

Medical professionals use a cold water sponge and scraping method to keep a cooler layer of water on the skin before a new session. Air circulation is also very important, both inside and outside the house, so fans or a cool breeze always help.

Flies and mosquitoes are another irritating problem for thoroughbreds in hot, humid climates. Gadflies have painful bites and mosquitoes transmit diseases such as encephalitis or West Nile.

You can see horses wagging their tails on their own body or standing nearby and flapping their wings so that another horse will scare away flies.

Keepers also treat their horses with non-toxic insect repellent to repel pests.

There is a stall called a hot walker and these people are in charge of refreshing the horses after the training session.

These holders have a specific training regime and these positions are extremely valuable to the industry.

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